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Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo

Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karate

Karatedo Shorinjiryu Kenkokan

Queen's University Karate Club
in Kingston Ontario Canada

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Beginning in 1972, Shorinjjiryu Kenkokan Karate was offered as a recreational activity and the members trained out of the Combatives Room in the Queen's University Phys Ed Center.

Sensei Photis Liappis and Sensei Gary Vienneau were the Queen's University Karate Club's original Shorinjiryu instructors. 

Sensei Gary Vienneau, 3rd degree black belt (sandan) was the QKC head instructor from 1977-1980.

Sensei Ken Fuller was the Queen's Karate Club head instructor, 1981 - 1984.

During his tenure as the club's instructor, Sensei Fuller trained many Queen's students in Shorinjiryu Karate of Japanese/Okinawan origin. In particular, the following nine students were all coloured belts together at Queen's University, trained under the guidance of Senseis Ken and Gary and attained their black belts in Shorinjiryu Karatedo:
Tim Richardson, Allen Yuen, Doug McBride, Steve Litt, Rick Foulkes, Frank Pugh, Howard Staveley, Juha Halttunen and Tim Beaumont.

After Ken's retirement from Karate in 1984, Tim Richardson, Ken's first black belt and a Queen's Alumni, led the club from 1984-1986. When Tim moved on to Ottawa, Ontario, another instructor from a different branch of Shorinjiryu Karate was brought in and by 1989 the next Queen's Karate Club Executive voted in a different style of karate and it was the end of an era of Shorinjiryu Karate at Queen's University.

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He was born April 1947 (the same year as Ishino San) in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He has a B.A. (Hons) from Queen's University and a M.A. from Universite de Ottawa.

He is married to Carol and has two fine young daughters, and a grand daughter.

He is certified as an Advanced and Rescue Scuba Diver and was interested in Underwater Archaeology.

Ken is currently blogging his adventures in History, Photography and Whisky!

See " Ken Fuller's Blog "


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